Red Bird Mission Trip

Our church is sponsoring a trip to the United Methodist Churches Red Bird Mission from Sept 24 - Oct 1.  The mission is "A non-profit agency located in the Appalachian Mountians of south Western Kentucky that empowers individuals and advocates justice by providing health and community outreach ministries to area low income residents." (from RedBird Website). Individual Methodist churches get involved by sending groups of individuals to the mission to help with various projects. To learn more about the mission click here.

The Red Bird Team is on it's way.
(see their log below)

Red Bird Mission Trip 2011

Sept 25 Note:-
We did 500 miles yesterday and over 300 miles today (need to check the odometer next).  A lot of mountains to go over today.  There is another group from Clifton Springs, NY here.  They left at 4 am this morning to get here.  We had dinner and an orientation meeting this evening.  We all will be going to the work site tomorrow am.  It is about 40 minutes from here.  Then on Tuesday, we will see who will be needed to return there and who will do other jobs.  The girls all have one dorm and all have bottom bunks.   The 3 boys are in another dorm with one other guy.  Will do some more exploring tomorrow. 
That is all for now.

Sept 24, 2011

  • Left BHUMC at 0800
  • Stopped for break approx 1000
  • Stopped for lunch at Perkins Rest in Harrisburg, PA
  • Stopped for break at West Virginia Welcome Center
  • Arrive at Sleep Inn in Stauton, VA at 1800
  • Out to dinner to Mill Street Grill in Stauton, VA. Excellent meal, which included a small cup of peppermint ice cream at end of meal for all.

Sept 25, 2011

  • Left hotel at 0800
  • Stopped for break approx 1000 and 1130 at Abington, VA
  • Stopped for lunch at Applebees in Norton, VA
  • Stopped for quick break just before Red Bird Mission, as we didn’t know how much further we had to go.
  • Arrived at Red Bird Mission at 1720!!!!!
  • Dinner at 1730 –sloppy joes, pulled pork and chicken
  • Orientation Meeting at 1900

Sept 26, 2011

  • Devotions and Breakfast at 0715





This is the house the group worked on.

The group replaced this window.
They hung this storm door.
They also worked on tearing down a chimney.
The whole team.