Brown Memorial United Methodist Church (Westside Ministry)
  - Collect clothing for their Clothes Closet
  - Collect food for their Food Pantry
  - Participate in tutoring
VanDuyn Nursing Home
  - One Sunday every other month a Group from our church transports patients from their room to a Worship Service.
Habitat For Humanity   Habitat Website
  - Have provided money and help for building homes in the Syracuse area.
Prayer Chain  - A volunteer group of church members will pray for someone in need.
Heifer Project International  Heifer Project Website
Red Bird Mission  Mission website
 - "A non-profit agency located in the Appalachian Mountians of south Western Kentucky, that empowers individuals and advocates justice by providing health and community outreach ministries to area low income residents." (from RedBird Website). Individual Methodist churches get involved by sending groups of individuals to the mission to help with various projects.
Our Church is planning a trip for the Fall of 2011.
United Methodist Women
Bible Studies
Youth Group & Activities
- Meets most every Sunday. Meetings consist of various activities.
- The choir sings every Sunday from mid September to June and is led by our Music Director, Sandy Murphy. Practices are held every Thursday at 7:00.
Small Groups
- Friends In Faith and Fellowship: Meets Friday nites at the church. We eat together and discuss a book or work on a Bible study. Sometimes we watch movies like "The Story of Anne Frank" and "The Nativity" or go out to dinner. Schedule changes during the summer.
- Circle of Concern: A group of women who meet plan activities that help others help others. Meets monthly.
- Hope and Joy Circle: A group of women that meet Monthly.
Other Activities
 - Musical Events and Christmas Caroling
 - Progressive Dinner
 - Roast Beef Dinner - open to the public
 - Chicken Bar-B-Q - open to the public
 - Youth Choir
 - Garage Sales, Apple Picking, Silent Auction.
 - Road Rally